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Holistic medicine is an approach based on the assumption that the patient's body and individual spheres of his life arehomogeneous whole, and treatment consists in restoring harmony in allall areas of life, and not only on the treatment of a given fragment of the human body. Methods are used that are achievements of modern academic medicine and broadly understood natural medicine.

We look at the patient's health holistically.

In therapy, we take into account the basicse needs of our body: detoxification, oxygenation, nutrition, supplementation, while being aware that a humanas well as the psychological, social and spiritual spheres.

Our specialty isozone therapy. The multidirectional effect of ozone at the molecular and systemic level intensively supports the body in the recovery process. Our services have been appreciated by numerous patients from Poland and abroad.

In addition, as the only one in Szczecin, we offermolecular hydrogen, which is a great antioxidant, neutralizes free radicals and helps fight many health problems. 


We encourage you to take an interest in our full offer

available in the tabs below.

you live instress

You have trouble concentrating ordecrease in energy level

Do you work intensively physically and mentally?

Got a feeling chronic fatigueor depression? 

You havebrittle hair i nails?

You are struggling withchronic diseasesor civilizational?

You feel chronicpain in the joints of the spine, shoulder or knee?

You want to speed up recovery

after injury or surgery




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