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ozone therapy – is a medical application of the oxygen-ozone mixture. Ozone is a substance that in systemic administration works intensively to regenerate the human body.

The main activities of ozone therapy are:

  • strengthening the immune system(supports the body in the fight against microbes, which is crucial in chronic infections, including Lyme disease and calms down the overreactivity of the immune system, which occurs in allergies and autoimmune diseases)

  • intensive "sweeping" of free radicals,

  • better oxygenation of the body(regulates microcirculation – i.e. supports improvement the functioning of the smallest vessels through which gas exchange takes place - a disease such as diabetes ischemic heart disease or lower limb ischemia)

  • regulation of gene activity(including genes responsible for the control of cell division, and additionally helps search for and eliminate mutated cells - this is of primary importance both in the prevention and therapy of cancer)

  • anti-inflammatory effect(relief of symptoms associated with chronic inflammation, e.g. joint pain in RA (rheumatoid arthritis)

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