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PREVENTION PROGRAMS under the contract with the National Health Fund 

Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Program (CHUK) 

It is addressed to women and men aged 35, 40, 45, 50 and 55 who have not used the examinations covered by the program in the last 5 years, who have not yet been diagnosed with a cardiovascular disease and who have active declarations with our family doctors .
The test can be performed at your family doctor. The program includes an interview, blood biochemical tests (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, TG, glucose), blood pressure measurement, BMI determination, ECG, physical examination by a doctor, assessment of individual risk factors and the possibility of a cardiovascular incident in the future as well as education and decision on further treatment.

Tuberculosis Prevention Program

The addressees of the Program are the population of adults declared to the primary health care nurse in our outpatient clinics, who have not been diagnosed with tuberculosis in the medical history, including in particular:
- people who have been in direct contact with people already diagnosed with tuberculosis

- persons with at least one of the following predisposing circumstances: unemployed, disabled, burdened with a long-term illness, burdened with alcohol and/or drug addiction, homeless.

The program is implemented by carrying out an interview for tuberculosis by a primary health care nurse, health education, and in the case of patients from the highest risk group, the nurse provides the primary care physician to whom the patient is declared written information about the results of the survey and indicates the patient how to proceed.

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