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  • medical care in the doctor's office and home visits after prior telephone consultation

  • nursing and obstetric care

  • laboratory and diagnostic tests (USG, ECG, Holter RR)

  • protective vaccinations

  • preventive examinations

Beata Modlińska- family medicine specialist, head of the facility
Maciej Modlinski- doctor 
Tomasz Mazurkiewicz- specialist in family medicine
Berry Marciniak- family medicine resident doctor
Catherine Mielnik- family medicine resident doctor
Dorota Sierzchala- health visitor
Grazyna Bednarek- health visitor
Marietta Works- practice nurse
Anna Stolarek- community midwife

 NZOZ Beata Modlińska has been providing her patients for over 20 years - 

children, adults and seniors - comprehensive care.

Patients can take advantage of free services in the clinic

Primary Health Care financed by the National Health Fund.

They include:

A community nurse and a midwife are also at the disposal of patients using the care of a general practitioner. 

Since 2019, both our facilities can be proud ofquality certificateobtained in the POZ accreditation process, which confirms the special commitment to taking care of the health of our patients. 

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