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Inhalations of molecular hydrogen molecular are currently the most effective form of absorbing this beneficial element. A 1-hour session is equivalent to providing the body with 60 liters of hydrogenated water! Inhalation can be carried out by connecting a mask or nasal tubes to the gas generator H2. Inhaled H2 acts faster, constituting a more effective defense against sudden oxidative stress, e.g. Hospital gas inhalation H2 is widely practiced in Asia.

This form of using molecular hydrogen can be found in our offer.


Kolejną dostępną metodą przyswajania H2 jest picie wody nasyconej H2, zwanej po prostu wodą wodorową. Alkaline ionizers were the first sources of hydrogen water (however, they produced very low concentrations of H2). Recently, more and more devices for the production of hydrogen water have been built around the world. There are also ready to drink hydrogen waters in special aluminum packaging.
When purchasing a water generator H2 you should pay attention to the performance of the device. It is assumed that the minimum therapeutic potential of water saturated with hydrogen (ORP) should be below -300 mV. It is best to drink water immediately after preparation. When using hydrogen water outside the home, special bottles should be used that limit the penetration of hydrogen into the atmosphere.


H2  supplements are the easiest way to introduce H2  into your body every day. Just take a few capsules or tablets and in a few minutes a high concentration of H2  will be created in the stomach. Several H2 dietary supplements are currently available on the market.

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