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I received a swab order number from the primary care physician...

Remember that the test should be performed as soon as possible after obtaining the order. 

From the day following the day the test was ordered by the primary care physician, you are subject to a 10-day quarantine

(however, you have the right to leave the place of testing for the duration of swab collection and travel to the mobile point and back home OR to visit a doctor).

If you test negative, you will be automatically released from quarantine.

TELEPHONE REGISTRATION is required for swab collection!

Prepare the smear order number received from your primary care physician and contact the collection point you are interested in -the list of points along with contact telephone numbers in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship can be found on the website: 


You should bring your ID card or other document with a photo and PESEL number to the examination.

In the absence of nr PESEL, the doctor enters e.g. series and passport number on the order.


If possible, you should drive your own car to the collection point. Stay in your car and follow the cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d recommendations. cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d

Ifyou are unable to come with your own transport - inform your GP about it, will order the swab ambulance to come to you. 

Remember that suspects or confirmed COVID-19 are prohibited  from using public transport!

When and how will I get the result?

Currently, the result is expected in about 24-48 hours. Until the result is obtained, you remain in home isolation - i.e. you should not leave your home except for a swab or medical appointment. Buying medicines, grocery shopping, etc. should be done with the help of others.

It is not possible to collect the results in person. 

Information about the positive result of the test will be posted by the laboratory in the EWP system, available to the entities involved, including the Police and sanitary services.

The test result will also be available to your primary care physician in the application and for you on the Internet Patient Account - instructions for setting up and more information can be found here:


The primary care physician will inform you about the test result. In the absence of telephone contact from the primary care physician, contact the clinic where the examination was ordered.

From November 5, 2020 private laboratories are required to enter information about positive results of commercial diagnostic tests for COVID-19 into the ICT system.

I got a POSITIVE result - now what?

Upon obtaining a positive test result, the quarantine automatically changes to isolation, which in the case of a patient asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic lasts 10 days - calculated from the date of the positive result of the swab.

You can also check the duration of isolation on your Internet Patient Account.

After 10 days, if you have no symptoms, you are automatically released from  home isolation. If symptoms persist - inform your doctor. The doctor will decide how to proceed with you.


After the 7th day of isolation, but no later than the 10th day of isolation, you will be contacted by your GP to check your health and extend the period of isolation if symptoms persist. Also wait for contact from the sanitary inspection, which will conduct an epidemiological interview with you in order to identify people who may have been infected as a result of contact with you.

Due to the inefficiency of the system, contact from the health department may be significantly delayed, hence it is possible to report quarantine using the form on the website, which we encourage you to do:



In the event of increasing or sudden shortness of breath, high temperature that is difficult to beat, or other disturbing symptoms (persistent vomiting, diarrhoea, numbness, swelling of the lower legs) - immediately contact your family doctor, go to the infectious diseases ward of the hospital or call an ambulance by calling No. 112.


If you are in home isolation, you do not need to get an eZLA. ZUS has access to the data in the EWP system and will make it available to your employer, on this basis you will be paid the due benefit.

More information on benefits for people under quarantine below.

Check how you can take care of yourself and what to pay attention to to reduce the possibility of a severe course of Covid-19
What about household members or people in close contact with a COVID-positive person?

It can be imposed on people with whom you have had contact7 day quarantineif the nature of this contact carried a risk of transmission of infection (so-called close contact). Other contact persons will be placed under epidemiological supervision.

Persons vaccinated against COVID-19 will be exempt from the quarantine obligation

i.e. subjects who have received a complete 2-dose vaccination course

(people who have only taken the first dose are in the process of vaccination and are not vaccinated within the meaning of the regulation of the Council of Ministers)

and people who have been isolated at home, isolated or hospitalized due to SARS-CoV-2 infection.

JIf the quarantined persons are employed, they should submit a statement to the employer that they are in quarantine, which will justify their absence from work and allow to determine the rules for teleworking or, if this is impossible, will be the basis for paying sickness benefit. In case of doubts on the part of the employer, he can verify the information on the quarantine at the poviat sanitary and epidemiological station.

REMEMBER! The quarantine end date for a household member is calculated as follows:


the last day of isolation of a COVID positive person


7 days

(margin imposed by the health department for the possible appearance of symptoms of coronavirus infection)

The person I live with is in mandatory quarantine. Do I have to go into quarantine too?

No, if you have not had direct contact with a person infected with coronavirus. Under current law, people cohabiting with a person in quarantine are no longer quarantined,  e.g.:
- family members living with a person who has been quarantined due to contact with an infected/sick person at work,
- parents living with a quarantined child due to the virus at school.

Do I need to take another test after the end of isolation?

Unless the primary care physician decides otherwise, in the absence of symptoms, isolation is completed 10 days from the date of the first positive result of the SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic testwithout having to run another test.

How will I justify my absence from work and will I be paid for the time of quarantine while my housemate is in isolation?

Information about quarantine or isolation is necessary for the payment of sickness benefits i bezpieczench. Persons referred by the State Sanitary Inspection unit for quarantine are entitled to sickness benefits - remuneration for the time of illness, which is financed by the employer, or sickness benefit. This applies to persons covered by sickness insurance, e.g. in connection with employment under an employment contract, contract of mandate or running a business. Benefits are also available to insured persons who have been isolated in home conditions.

All necessary information on benefits is available on the ZUS website:


Who is the "healer"?
Is a convalescent who becomes ill again (test positive) subject to isolation?

From the day of the positive test result, the "healer" is in isolation and the same rules apply to him that applied during the first isolation.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please visit these websites
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